<b>CELEBRATE</b> --- our wilderness places<b>SUPPORT</b> ---    Continued growth of open and connected spaces island wide<b>ENHANCE</b> --- our childrens lives, our cultural elements, our arts community<b>ENSURE</b> --- our safe island waters

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City Council Track Record

Local Shared Island Values

What do we love about Bainbridge?

We choose to live here because of our vibrant, creative and caring community, our island’s extraordinary natural beauty and our wonderful neighbors. 

We believe that we deserve an open, transparent, effective City government, rooted in local control, which is supportive of our common island goals and values.

Our safety and the protection of our Environment 

Continued funding and construction of safe paths to bike and walk

Continued growth of open and connected spaces island wide

Well maintained and cost-effective water, sewer and stormwater systems that safeguard our environment for our residents
 and visitors

Maintaining and improving our infrastructure to meet the changing needs of our community and those who serve it 

Our Community Assets: 

• Quality schools

• Diversity which lends richness to our Island experience

• The significance of our farming community and affordable housing

• Strong support of the arts, crafts and local businesses of our island, ensuring a clean economic engine for a healthy Island economy

• A comprehensive plan that ensures wise land use decisions.


We began Quality Bainbridge in summer 2013 as Island citizens who felt there needed to be an organization that was devoted to supporting the values that so many of us share.

Our City government, as well as other organizations, is instrumental in sustaining what we love and want to see grow on this Island.

Every January our City Council begins a new year with a roster full of work - including both new and ongoing work. Their agendas can be found here: www.ci.bainbridge-isl.wa.us/722/City-Council-Agendas

    Improving and protecting our natural assets.  Making good decisions on how we use our land.  Keeping […]

    A functioning quality infrastructure is a necessity for the island. Infrastructure includes our roads, trails, utilities, […]

    Improving and preserving our vital local community life and local economy. Local Arts, Crafts and Culture […]


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Help ensure that the Quality we all love on Bainbridge is protected. Our Steering Committee is:
John Ellis, Maradel Gale, Juliet LeDorze, Randal Samstag, Gloria Sayler & Delight Willing