2015 Candidate Information

2015 Candidate Information

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Learn more about the candidates for City Council, School Board, and Parks & Recreation Board.  You can read their responses to our questions about current issues by clicking on their names below. Candidates whose names are not highlighted did not respond to our questions or did not respond in a timely manner.

City Council

At-Large Position (District 1)
Pegeen Mulhern (pegeen@pm4bicc.org)
Ron Peltier (peltier4council@gmail.com)

North Ward (District 2)
Kol Medina (kol@kolmedinaforcouncil.com)

Central Ward (District 4)
Mike Scott (michael.scott@alumni.stanford.edu)

South Ward (District 6)
Sarah Blossom (blossoms49@hotmail.com)

School Board

District 1
Duncan McFarlane (Duncan@BISBCandidate.com)
Lynn Smith (vote4lynn@gmail.com)

District 3
Mev Hoberg (paulandmev@msn.com)

District 4
Renard Burnett (renardburnettsr@gmail.com)
Tim Kinkead (kinkeadtim@gmail.com)

Parks and Recreation Board

Position 2
Ken DeWitt (k-dewitt@usa.net)
John Grinter (john_grinter@hotmail.com)

Position 4
Jay Kinney (jaykinney@comcast.net)

2015 Candidate Q&A

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The fall ballots have appeared, or will appear soon in your mail.  We are writing to encourage you to study the ballot issues and races this fall and vote!  The candidates for these minimally paid or unpaid positions have already committed considerable time, energy and money.  The fact that many races are uncontested is testimony to the demands these roles make on those who serve in them.
We decided not to make any endorsements this fall. Instead we are focusing on educating ourselves about the candidates and issues and then sharing that with you.In early August we sent a list of questions to all the candidates for Council, Park and Recreation and School Boards. We asked that they return their answers to us by October 1, and we have posted all responses received by that date.

You can read the questions we asked and candidates’ answers online.

Additional resources: Bainbridge Community Broadcasting (BCB) published radio interviews of various candidates and spokespersons for issues and links to those podcasts are below.

The League of Women Voters hosts a candidate forum on October 14 at 6:30 PM at City Hall.  It will also be broadcast. (Click for further information.)

City Council:
Pegeen Mulhern and Ron Peltier for At Large member is the only contested race.

Both candidates bring principled voices to the campaign, and they have given time and energy to City issues in recent years. They are valued members of the community. What differentiates them – other than their gender – are their skill sets and styles.

The question is how would each of them work in a governing body?  The Council has to work on issues through ordinances and budget and act on the values they and fellow citizens hold. Council members must be able to work collaboratively to get results, all the while acknowledging differences of opinion.

Listen to the BCB interview with Pegeen and Ron.

Candidates’ websites:
Pegeen Mulhern
Ron Peltier

BCB interview with Kol Medina (North Ward) and Michael Scott (Central Ward)

Candidate website:
Michael Scott 

Proposition 1  Public Safety Facility Bond
We recognize the complexity and significance of this bond issue and the questions that have been raised over the multi-year public discussion and decision process about the Police/Court facility project.   This proposition calls for a vote to acquire land and build a combined facility adjacent to the current City Hall, as recommended by the full City Council.

Click here for the BCB interview with City Mayor Anne Blair, Police Chief Matt Hamner, and the Treasurer of Islanders for a Secure Bainbridge, Tom McCloskey.

Website for Proposition 1 supporters

Bainbridge Island School District 
Director District 1
Lynn Smith vs. Duncan Macfarlane

Director District 3
Mev Hoberg
BCB interview with the 3 candidates for Districts 1 and 3.

Director District 4
Tim Kinkead vs. Renard Burnett.  Neither responded to BCB’s invitation for an interview.

Bainbridge Island Park and Recreation District
Position 2
John Grinter vs. Ken deWitt
The BCB interview podcast is here.


The Quality Bainbridge Steering Committee
John Ellis, Maradel Gale, Juliet LeDorze, Barry Peters, Anita Rockefeller, Randal Samstag and Gloria Sayler

2015 Candidate Questions

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Fall 2015
Quality Bainbridge Candidate Questions

City Council

1) What are your top five priorities that you would work to have the city accomplish during your term in office?  For each identified priority that requires the expenditure of money, please state how you would fund it.

2) How would you improve the functioning of our city government?

3) Which of the core services that the city currently provides should be continued, improved, expanded or eliminated?

4) Islanders have identified water quality as a top community priority and yet a recent city study shows our streams are significantly polluted.  What ideas do you have for improving the health of island waters?

5) How do you think growth (economic and population) on the island can best be managed?

6) Do you feel that cellular internet coverage is a problem for the city government to address?  If yes, what would you do to forward that goal?

7) There are emerging efforts on the island to create a local public utility to purchase the assets of Puget Sound Energy and provide the power locally.  What are your views on this effort?

8) Kitsap PUD is soliciting indications of interest in expanding broadband access to neighborhoods on the island.  What should be the role of the city in assisting with this expansion?

School Board Questions

1) What is the proper role of the School Board in relation to the teaching staff and the school administrators?  How much managerial authority should the school board exercise in connection with the day-to-day operations of the schools?

2) What criteria should be used in deciding what new programs should be added or making other curriculum changes?  What, if any, curriculum changes should the School Board review?

3) How can the School Board assist teachers to be successful?

4) Do you approve of judging and rewarding teachers based on their students’ performance on core curriculum tests?  Do you support the current high school graduation testing system?  If not, what changes would you recommend?

5) What are the biggest operational challenges facing the School District in the coming years? What should the School Board do in the next four years to respond to budgetary challenges?  Do you approve seeking more voter-approved operations and technology levies?

6) Do you believe that the School District should seek voter approval of additional bonds to make capital repairs and improvements?  If so, what capital projects do you feel are most critical?

Parks and Recreation Board Questions

1) What interests inspired you to run for a position as a commissioner of the Parks and Recreation Board?

2) Describe your relevant previous experiences that prepare you for the board role?

3) What skills, training. resources, and expertise will you bring to the Board?

4) What are the most important challenges/projects facing the Park and Recreation District in the next few years?