2016 Candidate Information

Quality Bainbridge offers information on this website to help you learn more about the 2016 local candidates for Kitsap County Commission and for Representative to the State Legislature.

In two of these local races, Charlotte Garrido and Sherry Appleton, the incumbent who has admirably served our community for many years faces a challenger. So, we have highlighted those two local races, among the many State and Local races that Bainbridge voters are interested in.

Quality Bainbridge Endorsements

Kitsap County Commissioner

Charlotte Garrido (Contested for Dist 2)

Rob Gelder (Unopposed for Dist 1)

Representative to the Washington House (23rd Leg. List.)

Sherry Appleton (contested for Position 1)

Drew Hansen (unopposed for Position 2)

Quality Bainbridge Information

Candidates for Kitsap Public Utility District

Voters Guides for 2016 Election