Nov 2017 Recommendations for Bainbridge Island Voters

Nov 2017 Recommendations for Bainbridge Island Voters

Dear Islanders,

In this final weekend of voting we wanted to check back with you to encourage you to VOTE. Find that ballot if it’s gotten misplaced in the midst of bills and other mail. Drop it in the mailbox (with postage) or at the ballot drop in the driveway near the BISD Administration Building on North Madison.

Our endorsements for the City Council:

Ted Jones in South Ward
Wayne Roth in Central Ward
Joe Deets in North Ward

Our letters endorsing them can be found here

Our view is that a good City Council member demonstrates the following:

  • Understanding of the powers and role of city government and the role of the Council as the policy-making entity for the city
  • A strong commitment to working collegially, respecting differing positions but seeking common ground
  • Eagerness to listen to and understand different viewpoints, and a commitment to building and nurturing a sense of community across the Island
  • Joint development of strategic goals and adherence to those goals
  • Tenacity in identifying and addressing specific problems that face the community
  • Relevant experience that demonstrates their ability to work in a complex environment and consider the consequences of policy decisions

Our endorsement for the School Board, Position 5 is Sheila Jakubik.

Our letter endorsing her can be found here.

We believe complex problems are not solved by simple solutions.

Please remember that all Islanders vote for all positions in the general elections.

The Quality Bainbridge Steering Committee

2017 Recommendation for School Board Candidate, Position 5

Dear Islanders,

We are endorsing incumbent Sheila Jakubik for Bainbridge Island School District, Position 5. Our district has benefited from her thoughtful, balanced, big-picture approach and her guidance is exactly the right style for a small district with big goals. Our school district needs and deserves steady management because all change takes time. Sheila listens and acts as a steady hand in guiding that change.  Parents in the district are especially grateful that Ms. Jakubik is recognized as an advocate of all 4,000 students in our district. This global approach, listening and considering all the different ages, needs, learning styles, and physical buildings, is the global overview that we appreciate and that we believe the majority of the Island wants in their leaders.  Sheila has been a tireless member of a board who:

  • Supports teacher development–our District currently provides more professional development than the State will fund:
    • we have differentiation specialists to help classroom teachers best serve every child, and
    • peer coaches to support those who wish to work on their national board certification.
  • Supports teacher innovation—in addition to grants for teacher classroom innovation, some of our highly successful district programs arose from individual teachers:
    • The seeds for our award-winning robotics team began years ago when one teacher received a grant to create Lego robotics in her 6th grade class. That spread to the whole 6th grade science curriculum, then to Woodward as a technology class. It was later adopted at the high school as a club and now is available for credit.
    • AP Environmental Science began with a single class taught by yet another teacher. Now it’s one of our most popular science classes at the high school level.
    • The computer-based ST Math supplement program–used in all our elementary school–started with a single Blakeley teacher looking for a new way to engage her students in math.
  • Advocates for STEM — there is now a STEM specialist at each elementary school, and added hands-on engineering components to the middle school science curriculum for all kids.

Sheila is a collaborator and consensus builder who is respected by teachers, administrators and community members who know her through her work as preschool director or member of her church. She is a former Special Ed teacher who appreciates kids with diverse abilities and learning styles.  She has two children who have gone through Bainbridge public schools, she’s been an active member and leader of multiple PTOs and is familiar with the workings of all the schools in our district.  Sheila has been an advocate for social-emotional learning, teaching to the whole child, and creating a greater sense of community within our District. We strongly endorse Sheila and hope that our community will continue to benefit from her thoughtful work on the Board and her dedication to our schools and to all of our children.


Juliet LeDorze and Anita Rockefeller
For the Steering Committee of Quality Bainbridge


2017 Recommendation for North Ward Candidate

Joe Deets in North Ward

Dear Islanders,

Joe has earned our endorsement because of his commitment to service to our community in a variety of roles. Most recently Joe has served as the Chair of the City Ethics Board. In this position, he encountered a variety of challenging issues that required sensitive problem solving. Joe managed this role with tact.

Joe came to Bainbridge Island with a strong interest in protecting our natural environment and mitigating the impact of climate change. This propelled Joe to co-found the nonprofit organization Community Energy Solutions. He worked with Senator Phil Rockefeller, leading to the passage of the innovative community solar legislation, Senate Bill 6658. This law has enabled thousands of Washingtonians to go solar. To date, there are more than 60 community solar projects across the State, creating clean power and local jobs.

Joe worked with City Hall to install solar power, funded by a group of private citizens. This project is now profitable. He oversaw the installation of the solar project at Sakai Middle School, which was funded by donations and a grant.

Prior to his move to Bainbridge Island, Joe worked in finance and financial policy. This background gives him the skills to understand the complex financial issues facing our City today.

Finally, Quality Bainbridge strongly supports Joe’s five priorities.







Delight Willing and Randal Samstag
For the Steering Committee of Quality Bainbridge

2017 Recommendation for Central Ward Candidate

Wayne Roth in Central Ward

Dear Islanders,

We are endorsing incumbent Wayne Roth in the Central Ward. We endorsed Wayne in his first campaign in 2013, and in reviewing both candidates’ records and answers to our candidate questions, we believe he is the best candidate for this position.

Wayne has been a thoughtful, hard-working member of the Council during his term in office, working with a council that has, among other achievements:

  • Helped stabilize and improve the City’s finances;
  • Adopted an update to the Comprehensive Plan, as required by Washington’s Growth Management Act. The Plan will be the basis for the next Council’s updating of our city code to match the vision and values of our community.
  • Overseen the redevelopment of Waterfront Park to make it more accessible and inviting to residents and visitors.
  • Passed Low Impact Development regulations to ensure we are protecting the amazing environment we call home.
  • Supported the Police Department in earning renewed community trust and respect.

We elect our leaders to engage thoughtfully with the electorate and to make the difficult decisions required to lead a City of over 23,000 residents. Regardless of the size of the community, there will always be differences of opinion. For our Island community, this is, in part, due to the growing pains the whole region is experiencing. We believe we need responsive and courageous leadership to meet our challenges effectively. We also note that Wayne has extensive executive experience through his work at KUOW and NPR, and has served on boards for, or advised, many local Island organizations:

  • The Marge Williams Center for nonprofits
  • The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Association
  • The Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council.

We believe this kind of executive experience and deep and wide involvement in the community are essential assets to the work of City Council, namely establishing the policy of our City. While we may not agree with every decision a leader makes, the question is whether we elect, or re-elect a thoughtful, experienced, creative and ethical leader who can help us navigate the many challenges we face. We have that opportunity with Wayne Roth, and therefore heartily endorse him for re-election.


Maradel Gale and Anita Rockefeller
For the Steering Committee of Quality Bainbridge