Drew Hansen – State Representative (Pos. 2)

Re-Elect Drew Hansen as our State Representative
(23rd Legislative District, Position 2)

Quality Bainbridge Endorses Drew

State Representative Drew Hansen, a resident of Bainbridge Island, at Eagle Harbor.

State Representative Drew Hansen, a resident of Bainbridge Island, here seen at Eagle Harbor.

Drew Hansen is unopposed for re-election as our State Representative. He is the running mate in the 23rd Legislative District with Representative Sherry Appleton and Senator Christine Rolfes.

Here are his responses to the six questions that Quality Bainbridge sent to the candidates for State Legislature.

Drew Hansen’s Answers to Quality Bainbridge Questions:

Question 1. Do you favor the Legislature increasing the state budget for public schools to meet the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the state’s constitutional mandate to adequately fund local public school districts like Bainbridge Island’s?

Drew Hansen: Yes

Question 2. Do you support the state maintaining medical and mental health care for eligible seniors and other needy citizens?

Drew Hansen: Yes

Question 3. Describe the ways you have, to date, researched issues important to Bainbridge Island and talked with voters from Bainbridge.

Drew Hansen: I’ve worked very closely with the Bainbridge chapter of Moms Demanding Action on Gun Violence on issues of gun safety.

Question 4. What distinctions and accomplishments do you consider to be most significant during your recent professional career.

Drew Hansen: I was very proud to be the champion of the landmark bills (HB 1472 and HB 1813) expanding computer science education in Washington state. I was also proud to fund the new electrical engineering and cybersecurity bachelor’s degree programs at Olympic College so that students on Bainbridge and elsewhere in Kitsap County have access to more high-quality degree opportunities.

Question 5. Please give examples of the appropriate role of the state in preserving and protecting the environment?

Drew Hansen: I was the prime sponsor of two significant bills overhauling our state’s system for protecting our waters from derelict and abandoned boats; this is a huge problem, as the sinking of the Chickamauga at Eagle Harbor Marina demonstrates.

Question 6. In the next two years, what are your priorities for our State as it applies to issues of significance to local communities like Bainbridge Island?

Drew Hansen: I want our state to amply fund basic education, first and foremost, which will help bainbridge schools, parents, students, and educators.

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For further information, see Drew Hansen’s website.