Local Community and Economy

Improving and preserving our vital local community life and local economy.

Local Arts, Crafts and Culture
Encouraging the rich culture that enlivens our daily lives and our economy.
Local Needs
Caring for the social fabric and safety net of our community through dedicated nonprofits and agencies that respond to social needs on and around Bainbridge Island. Ensuring justice and safety through dedicated local police officers and a local court.
Local Businesses
Creating conditions that permit owners and employees of local retail, local professional services, local farmers and other local businesses to thrive. Shop Local!
Local Schools
All children on Bainbridge deserve access to a high quality education that prepares them to succeed.
Local Government
Developing an effective city government rooted in local control that is supportive of our common island values. Conserving our precious and limited fresh water aquifers and fighting pollution of streams and the Sound. Maintaining local roads, utilities, infrastructure and basic services.