Rob Gelder – County Commissioner (Dist. 1)

Re-Elect Rob Gelder as Kitsap County Commissioner

Quality Bainbridge Endorses Rob:

Rob Gelder (3rd from left) is pictured with other local incumbents running for re-election: Derek Kilmer, Sherry Appleton, Christine Rolfes, Drew Hansen and Charlotte Garrido

Rob Gelder is unopposed for re-election as our Kitsap County Commissioner. He is the Democratic running mate for the County Commission with our fellow endorsed candidate, Charlotte Garrido.

Here are his responses to the six questions that Quality Bainbridge sent to the candidates for County Commissioner.

Rob Gelder’s Answers to Quality Bainbridge Questions:

Question 1. During your campaign, describe the ways you have, to date, met Bainbridge voters.

Rob Gelder:  I have and continue to be accessible to Bainbridge voters.  I meet one on one with constituents as requested. I attend community events and advocate for issues of importance.

Question 2. What Bainbridge Island activities and associations have you engaged in during recent years.

Rob Gelder: I have been involved with the BI Chamber, BI Land Trust, BI Museum of Art, etc.

Question 3. What do you see as the most significant upcoming County Commissioner issues and activities that will affect Bainbridge Island residents?

Rob Gelder: The most significant issue that I’ve been working on that affects/impacts Bainbridge Island residents is conservation of open space.  My work to conserve land through the Kitsap Forest & Bay Campaign will ensure large tracts of open space for outdoor recreation, habitat, and cultural resources for all to enjoy.  In addition, my partnership with Bainbridge Island councilmembers and other jurisdictions to address safety and congestion issues along HWY 305 is of paramount import to quality of life for Bainbridge and North Kitsap residents.

Question 4. What are recent County issues and activities at the County Commissioner level that affect Bainbridge Island, and how did you vote or engage on those issues?

Rob Gelder: I have voted in support of our recent comprehensive plan update, shoreline master program update, 1/10th of 1% sales tax for mental health and substance abuse, etc.  The funding for 1/10th funds programs that support all Kitsap and Bainbridge residents in need of alternatives: felony diversion (drug courts), emergency triage, law enforcement training for crisis intervention, etc.  Our comprehensive plan and SMP establish goals and regulations that ensure a balance of property rights with responsible planning and environmental protections.

Question 5. What’s your record as a champion of the environment?

Rob Gelder: I led efforts to develop a forest stewardship policy for the county that guides restorative thinning in forested park property to allow for healthier habitat and biodiversity of the landscape.  Also, have led efforts to conserve open space as noted above, adoption of SMP, etc.

Question 6. What are your priorities for the County in the next 4 years?

Rob Gelder:

  • continuing to streamline the permit process without losing sight of the people we serve;
  • supporting job growth;
  • improving transportation infrastructure;
  • expanding affordable housing;
  • and in general, helping to make Kitsap a county in which people want to live, work and play.

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For further information, see the Rob Gelder website.